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Atmospheric Science Conference

Science for Society



The Atmospheric Science Conference (ASC) provides a unique opportunity to bring together the UK atmospheric science community. 


The ASC supports the community to share sector-wide updates, inspire new ideas, and form collaborations. The ASC creates a space to discuss ground-breaking discoveries, global context, multidisciplinary work, and scientific applications. 


It is an important opportunity to think collectively about the future, and recognise the ways our community is addressing the societal challenges of climate change, air pollution and weather hazards.

The ASC is committed to nurturing an inclusive atmospheric science community, and working to achieve environmental sustainability across its activities. Our approach includes removing barriers to participation, and offering a range of ways to contribute and be involved.

Wind turbines stand tall on rolling green hills.


The Atmospheric Science Conference (ASC) 2022-23 programme will bring together atmospheric scientists from across the UK, for a series of three meetings with the overarching theme of ‘Atmospheric Science for Society’. 


The ASC aims to provide a format where people from across the atmospheric science community can reconnect, present their work, discuss ideas, and identify the collective relevance of their science to society.


We will gather in-person and online, to cultivate collaborations and routes to real-world impacts, using a combination of workshops, networking sessions, short talks, and plenary speakers.


The last ASC was organised as a series of short online events. While recognising the value and impacts of different conference formats, we have decided to offer one full-day in-person meeting, followed by two online sessions. 


We encourage people from all fields of atmospheric science, and related sectors, to save these dates and join us.

To support the overarching theme of ‘Atmospheric Science for Society’, the three events will broadly include contributions covering: research on climate change, air pollution, and weather hazards; solutions that assist business, policy makers and society; developments in observational and data facilities and technologies; new fields and applications of atmospheric science.

You can follow the ASC on social media this year using #AtmosScienceConference2022 and #ASC2022.


The ASC is proudly hosted by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the Royal Meteorological Society, who are committed to nurturing a more inclusive atmospheric science community, and working to achieve environmental sustainability across the ASC.

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