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21 March 2023

Science for Society


The Atmospheric Science Conference (ASC) 2022-23 programme will bring together atmospheric scientists from across the UK, for a series of three meetings with the overarching theme of ‘Atmospheric Science for Society’.


The ASC aims to provide a format where people from across the atmospheric science community can reconnect, present their work, discuss ideas, and identify the collective relevance of their science to society.


Morning Keynote Plenary

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Meeting ID: 927 9057 1764

09.30am GMT

Conference Welcome

Jenny Rourke, Head of Real Time Services and System Operations Division, EUMETSAT

Keynote Session: Science for Society

Chair: Prof Stephen Mobbs, Executive Director, NCAS

09.35am GMT

Distributed Air Quality Measurements using Low Cost Sensors in West Yorkshire

Dr Jim McQuaid, Associate Professor of Atmospheric Composition, University of Leeds

10.00am GMT

Towards a Global Heat Health Early Warning System

Chloe Brimicombe, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Wegner Center, University of Graz, Austria

10.25am GMT

Communicating Climate Science : Misinformation, storytelling and creativity
Peter Stott, Science Fellow in Attribution, Met Office and Professor in Detection and Attribution University of Exeter

10.50am GMT

End of Keynote Session

10.50am - 11.20am - Refreshment Break

Morning Keynote Plenary

Breakout Sessions

11.20am - 12.40pm GMT

Chair: Vikki Thompson

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Meeting ID: 997 0793 4426

The 2022 Hunga-Tonga Volcanic Cloud: Stronger than expected stratospheric aerosol optical depth, alongside also continuing water vapour radiative & chemistry effects

Dr Graham Mann, Lecturer, University of Leeds



Using JULES to Model the Congo Peatlands

Dr Peter Anthony Cook, Research Scientist, Global Systems Institute, Department of Geography, University of Exeter


Understanding Uncertainties in Radar Rainfall Estimation: A radar error model

Dr Amy Charlotte Green, Research Associate, Newcastle University


CO2 Mixing Ratio Evolution of Three Alpine Grasslands along a Climatic and an Altitudinal Gradient in the Pyrenees

Dr Beatriz Fernández-Duque, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Laboratory of Functional Ecology and Global Change (ECOFUN), Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC), Spain 


Chair: Beena Balan Sarojini

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Meeting ID: 937 8744 9434


Impacts of Biases in the Tropical Atlantic in Seasonal Forecast System GloSea5

Tamara Collier, Scientist, Met Office


Tropical Cyclone Landfalls in Yangtze River Delta and Its Relationship with ENSO

Lai Xu, Johns Hopkins University


Transport and Redistribution of Aerosol Species over South Asia by the Monsoon Intraseasonal Oscillations

Dr Anu Gupta, Special Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Lunch Break - 12.40pm - 13.40pm

Breakout Sessions

13.40pm - 15.20pm GMT
Morning Keynote Plenary
Weather, Art & Music

Chair: Paul Williams

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Meeting ID: 959 4668 4368


Musical Messages – Creating a Bespoke Climate Story for the Outer Hebrides

Dr James Pope, Senior Climate Scientist, Met Office



Weather and Geology in Dutch Landscape Painting

Franz Ossing, Head media and communications, ret, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany


Screaming Clouds

Dr Helene Muri, Research Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Weather in Music 

Karen Aplin, Professor of Space Science and Technology, Bristol University


Art of the Atmosphere

Stanley Gedzelman, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, City College of New York


Chair: Dr Helen Macintyre


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Meeting ID: 913 8409 8793


Air Pollution in the United Kingdom

Dimitra Gkouzouli, Project Lead, Six Degrees Edinburgh

Lærke Salhauge-Rasmussen, Researcher/ Research Assistant, Six Degrees Edinburgh/ Heriot-Watt University 
Fenja Kroos, Research
er, Six Degrees Edinburgh,

Laura McRedmond,

Otto-Emil Jutila


Guiding Principles for Drought Early Warning: For agricultural planning, humanitarian action and biodiversity conservation

Dr Victoria L. Boult, NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow, University of Reading; NCAS


How do we ‘see’ Meteotsunami Water Waves in Atmospheric Data?

Clare Lewis, PhD Student, University of Reading & Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Long-term Outdoor Fungal Spore Counts and Meteorological Data Provide Forecasting Accuracy in Spore Forecasts with Machine-Learning Models

Samuel Anees-Hill, PhD Student, Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability, University of Leicester

Refreshment Break - 15.20pm - 15.50pm

17.10pm - Close of Conference


Afternoon Keynote Plenary

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Meeting ID: 999 2195 4576

15.50pm GMT

Keynote Session: Science for Society

Chair: Prof Liz Bentley, CEO, Royal Meteorological Society

15.50pm GMT

Real-Time Catastrophe Risk Modeling: The Challenges of Quantifying the Impact of Hurricane Ian

James Cosgrove, Senior Catastrophe Modeler, Moody’s RMS

16.15pm GMT

Monthly Weather Review at 150 Years: Its History, Impact, and Legacy

Prof. David M. Schultz, Professor of Synoptic Meteorology, and Director, Centre for Crisis Studies and Mitigation, University of Manchester

16.40pm GMT

The Importance of Socio-Meteorology

Helen Roberts, Socio-Meteorologist, Met Office

17.05pm GMT

Closing Remarks

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