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6th July 2021

Adaptation and Resilience

Image by Greg Jurgajtis


Our plenary talks all address the topic of Adaptation and Resilience. The afternoon parallel sessions include themes that range from fundamental scientific insights and break-throughs to highly applied, user-facing applications. We aim to create dialogue across the spectrum of activity which helps to strengthen the science,  improve communication between our research activities and assist with the translation into applications. The collective aim is to provide us all with an opportunity to discuss and update each other on the latest developments from right across our discipline and share our science and its application.


Breakout Sessions
10.30am - 12.05pm

Room One - Climate

Chair: James Keeble

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10.30am BST - Welcome

10.35am BST

State of the UK Climate 2020

Mike Kendon, Climate Information Scientist, Met Office, National Climate Information Centre


10.55am BST

Has the Risk of a 1976 North-West European Summer Drought and Heatwave Event Increased Since the 1970s Due to Climate Change?

Dr Laura Baker, Research Scientist, NCAS, University of Reading

11.15am BST

Characterising and Quantifying the UK Climate Change Commitment over the 21st Century

Chris Smith, Research Fellow, University of Leeds

11.35am BST

The Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Monsoons

Dr Andrew Turner, Associate Professor of Monsoon Systems, NCAS and University of Reading

Room Two - Air Quality and Composition

Chair: Fiona O'Connor

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10.30am BST - Welcome


10.35am BST

The Impact of Future Climate Change Mitigation Scenarios on Air Pollutants and Climate: The Potential for Co-Benefits

Dr Steven Turnock, Senior Scientist, Met Office Hadley Centre

10.55am BST

The Role of Aerosol Process Representation in Uncertainty in the North Atlantic Region in CMIP6

Dr Laura Wilcox, Associate Professor, NCAS, University of Reading

11.15am BST

Quantifying Air Quality Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Removal Technologies

Dr Maria Val Martin, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, University of Sheffield

11.35am BST

The Refinement of an Ensemble of Volcanic Ash Forecasts using Satellite Retrievals

Dr Antonio Capponi, Senior Research Associate, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University

Room Three - Weather

Chair: Rebecca Emerton

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10.30am BST - Welcome

10.35am BST

IMPROVER – Probabilistic Post-Processing of Today’s Numerical Weather Prediction Systems

Ken Mylne, Head of Verification, Impacts and Post-Processing, 
Met Office

10.55am BST

Using Co-Production to Improve the Appropriate Use of Sub-Seasonal Forecasts in Africa

Dr Linda Hirons, Research Scientist, NCAS, University of Reading

11.15am BST

Satellite-Based Nowcasting of West African Storms

Ralph Burton, Research Scientist, NCAS


11.35am BST

Impact of Sudden Stratospheric Warmings on United Kingdom Mortality

Prof Andrew Charlton-Perez, Professor of Meteorology, University of Reading

Afternoon Keynote Plenary

Chair: Dr Claire Ryder, University of Reading

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13.00pm BST

The Language of Risk: Optimizing Choices to Build Effective Climate Resilience

Dr Tom Philp, Chief Executive Officer, Maximum Information and Dr Helen Greatrex, Assistant Professor in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis, The Pennsylvania State University

13.30pm BST

Forecasting Impactful Flooding from Tropical Cyclones to Support Humanitarian Operations

Dr Linda Speight, Researcher in Applied Flood Forecasting, University of Reading

14.00pm BST

Climate Change Adaptation in Disasters and Conflict: What is Happening and Where?

Professor Erin Coughlan de Perez, Dignitas Associate Professor, Tufts University and Senior Advisor, Red Cross Red Crescent Advisor

14.30pm BST

Beyond Limit Values - The Need to Rethink our Air Pollution Policies

Dr Gary Fuller, Senior Lecturer in Air Quality Measurement, MRC Centre for Environment and Health, Imperial College London

Short Talks in Parallel Sessions 

15.30pm - 17.00pm BST

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Image by Greg Jurgajtis
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