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22nd June 2021

Net Zero


Our plenary talks in the morning session all address the topic of Net Zero emissions: the balance of greenhouse gas sources and sinks required to stabilise global temperature. The afternoon parallel sessions include themes that range from fundamental scientific insights and break-throughs to highly applied, user-facing applications. We aim to create dialogue across the spectrum of activity which helps to strengthen the science,  improve communication between our research activities and assist with the translation into applications. The collective aim is to provide us all with an opportunity to discuss and update each other on the latest developments from right across our discipline and share our science and its application.


Morning Keynote Plenary

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10.00am BST

Conference Welcome

Prof Liz Bentley, CEO, RMetS and Prof Stephen Mobbs, Executive Director, NCAS

Keynote Session

Chair: Dr Steve Smith, Oxford Net Zero

10.05am BST

Climate Science: The Basics

Prof Keith P Shine, Regius Professor of Meteorology and Climate Science, University of Reading

10.35am BST

Net Zero: What, Why and When?

Prof Myles Allen, Professor of Geosystem Science, Environmental Change Institute and Dept of Physics, University of Oxford; Director, Oxford Net Zero

11.05am BST

Science Needed to Achieve Net Zero: A Policy View

Dr Sarah Honour, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

11.35am BST

Panel Session with all Keynote Speakers

12.05pm - 13.15 BST

Lunch Break

Morning Keynote Plenary

Breakout Sessions

13.15pm - 14.30pm
Room One - Climate

Chair: Dr Andrea Dittus

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13.15pm BST

The Impact of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in a Coupled Climate Model Ensemble

Dr Dan Hodson, Research Scientist, NCAS, University of Reading

13.35pm BST

Climate and Composition Implications of a Hydrogen Economy

Dr Nicola Warwick, NCAS Research Scientist, NCAS, University of Cambridge

13.55pm BST

The Challenge of Temporal Merging to Obtain Seamless Climate Information Beyond Decadal Time Scales

Dr Daniel Befort, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, Department of Physics, University of Oxford

14.15pm BST

The Role of Earth System Interactions in Climate Forcing

Fiona O’Connor, Scientific Manager, Met Office Hadley Centre

Room Two - Air Quality and Composition

Chair: Dr Hugo Ricketts


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13.15pm BST

Changes In The Level of NO2 and O3 in the UK During The COVID-19 Pandemic

James Lee, Research Professor, NCAS

13.35pm BST

How have Surface NO2 Concentrations Changed as a Result of the UK's COVID-19 Travel Restrictions?

Helen Dacre, Professor of Meteorology, University of Reading

13.55pm BST

Intensive Observations at the NERC Air Quality Supersites

James Allan, NCAS Scientist, NCAS, University of Manchester

14.15pm BST

Future Raman Lidar Plans at Chilbolton Observatory

Judith Jeffery, Lidar and Meteorological Instruments Scientist, STFC/NCAS

Room Three - Weather

Chair: Prof Geraint Vaughan

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13.15pm BST

The Role of Atmospheric Science in Tomorrow's Severe Weather Warning

Prof Brian Golding, Fellow in Weather Impacts, Met Office

13.35pm BST

Application of a Holistic Approach to Understanding Heavy Precipitation Response to Climate Change

Dr Abdullah Kahraman, Research Associate, Newcastle University

13.55pm BST

Detecting Robust Non-Stationary Signals from the Noise in Ensemble Data Using Wintertime Euro-Atlantic Circulation Regimes

Swinda Falkena, PhD Candidate, University of Reading


14.15pm BST

Weather Regimes in Southeast Asia: Sub-Seasonal Predictability of the Regimes and the Associated High Impact Weather

Paula L M Gonzalez, Research Scientist, NCAS​, Adjunct Research Scientist, International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI)

Short Talks in Parallel Sessions​

15.00pm - 16.30pm BST

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