22nd November 2022

Science for Society


The Atmospheric Science Conference (ASC) 2022-23 programme will bring together atmospheric scientists from across the UK, for a series of three meetings with the overarching theme of ‘Atmospheric Science for Society’.


The ASC aims to provide a format where people from across the atmospheric science community can reconnect, present their work, discuss ideas, and identify the collective relevance of their science to society.


Morning Keynote Plenary

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10.00am GMT

Conference Welcome

Lesley Gray, President, Royal Meteorological Society

Keynote Session

Chair: Prof Stephen Mobbs, Executive Director, NCAS

10.10am GMT

Weather Warnings – What’s the Point?

Dr Will Lang, Head of Situational Awareness, Met Office

10.35am GMT

Improving the value chain of Earth Observations for Societal Applications

Magdalena Alonso Balmaseda, Head of Earth System Predictability Section, ECMWF, UK

11.00am GMT

End of Keynote Session

11.00am - 11.30am - Refreshment Break


Breakout Sessions

11.30am - 12.55pm GMT
Tropical Cyclones

Chair: Fran Morris

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Numerical simulation of Tropical Cyclones in the Philippines using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) and Cloud-Resolving Storm Simulator (CReSS) Model

Kate Esguerra, Computer Programmer I, University of the Philippines



The Relationship between Sea Surface Temperature and North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Rainfall over Ocean and Land

Dr Samantha Hallam, Post-doctoral Researcher, ICARUS, Maynooth University, Ireland


Trends of Tropical Cyclone-Induced Extreme Precipitation in East Asia

Jack Law, Masters Student, University of Edinburgh 


Dynamical Equatorial Waves: Precursors to tropical cyclone occurrence and intensification

Gui-Ying Yang, Senior Research Scientist, NCAS Climate, University of Reading


Chair: Vikki Thompson

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UKESM2: Current development of the physical core model HadGEM3 GC5 N96ORCA1

Till Kuhlbrodt, NCAS Science Theme Leader for Long-term Global Change, NCAS, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading


Representing Storylines with Causal Networks: Framework and example

Taro Kunimitsu, Senior Researcher, CICERO Center for International Climate Research



Simulating Extreme Weather Events with Multi-Thousand Member High-Resolution Global Atmospheric Ensembles

Peter WatsonNERC Independent Research Fellow and Proleptic Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol


Comparison of Real Variable and Complex Variable Approaches to Models of Potential Flow

Saleem Ali, Student, United States Military Academy, Sebastian Neumann, Student, United States Military Academy,Morgan Brown, Student, United States Military Academy, Nathon Segovia, Student, United States Military Academy

Air Quality

Chair: Helen Macintyre

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Oxidative Potential of Fine Particulate Matter over National Capital Region, India

Dr Shivani, Assistant Professor, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, India - Speaker Withdrawn


Study of the evolution of CO2 concentration values obtained with an Eddy covariance infrastructure during 2011-2021: A case study at the Eastern Pyrenees 

Dr Beatriz Fernández-Duque, Post-doctoral Researcher, Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC), Spain


Air Quality Impacts of Wildfires in the UK: The role of model resolution

Dr Benjamin Drummond, Senior Scientist, Met Office



Changes in Ambient Air Quality and Atmospheric Composition and Reactivity in the South East of the UK as a result of the COVID-19 Lockdown

Mark Nichols, Principal Air Quality Consultant,  Hydrock / University of Brighton

Lunch Break - 12.55pm - 14.00pm

Afternoon Keynote Plenary

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14.00pm GMT

Keynote Session

Chair: Prof Liz Bentley, CEO, Royal Meteorological Society

14.05pm GMT

Sources of Atmospheric Organic Aerosols and Investigating their Impacts on Health

Prof Jacqui Hamilton, NCAS Science Director, NCAS and University of York

14.30pm GMT

Creatively Communicating Climate Change

Dr Adam Levy, Freelance Science Journalist & Creator of ClimateAdam

14.55pm GMT

End of Keynote Session

14.55pm - 15.30pm - Refreshment Break


Breakout Sessions

15.30pm - 16.35pm GMT

Chair: Megan Pearce

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State of the UK Climate 2021

Michael Kendon, Climate Information Scientist, National Climate Information Centre (NCIC), Met Office




The Next Generation of UK Regional Climate Projections

Dr Marina Baldissera Pacchetti, Research Fellow, University of Leeds and Barcelona Supercomputing Centre


Utilising Weather and Climate Research to Co-Develop Climate Services for Society

Joshua Macholl
Deployable Scientist, Met Office

Oceans and Teleconnections

Chair: Beena Balan Sarojini


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The Effects of Atmospheric Forcing on the Circulation and Water’s Physical Properties of the Northern Adriatic Sea 

Javad Babagolimatikolaei, PhD Candidate in Atmospheric Science, University of Manchester


What Potential for Improving Sub-Seasonal Predictions of the Winter NAO?

Chris Kent, Senior Scientist, Climate Dynamics, Met Office Hadley Centre


Atmospherically Induced Water Waves in UK Coastal Zones

Clare Lewis, PhD Student, 

University of Reading

Remote Sensing

Chair: Paul Williams

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A New Refractivity Retrieval Method

Ollie Lewis, PhD Student, Met Office and University of Exeter


Analysis of C-band Radar Observation from RELAMPAGO Field Campaign using Signal Processing Techniques

Vaibhav Tyagi, Research Scholar (DAASE), Indian Institute of Technology Indore, MP, India


Impactful Dry Spells over Southern Africa: Characteristics and drivers

Gibbon Innocent Masukwedza, PhD Student, University of Sussex; Zimbabwe Meteorological Services Department


16.35pm - Close of Conference