Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission​

Apply by Friday 23rd April 2021


We are seeking contributions from everyone working and studying in atmospheric science

and its applications, including fundamental scientific discoveries to specialist user-facing

applications and breakthroughs to highly applied applications.  


This is your opportunity to keep up-to-date with activities from across the whole of the

community. We will gather online to inspire new ideas and collaborations, discuss solutions

for today’s environmental challenges, and celebrate the ways that our multidisciplinary work

is translating to real-world impact.


The Atmospheric Science Conference will combine keynote speakers with plenary presentations, parallel oral sessions, and short talks with a limited number of slides. 


Parallel oral sessions will include talks that are 20 minutes each, followed by Q&A. Short talks will each be 5-10 minutes, supported by a limited number of slides. This year, short talks will replace poster sessions. 

To support the overarching theme, the first two events will include plenary sessions on net zero emissions, climate adaptation and resilience, and disaster risk reduction. The third event will look to the future and the opportunities and challenges that will impact atmospheric science moving forward.

Please include any relevant keywords from this list at the bottom of your abstract text. 

Keywords: Adaptation, Mitigation, Climate, International development, UK, Sustainable development,     Environmental, Resilience, COP26, Race to Zero, Weather, Oceanography, Land surface (hydrology and geology), Human development and policy, Chemistry, Air Quality, Machine learning, Net Zero emissions, Climate Neutrality, Modelling, Theory, Observations (including Earth Observation), Impact and risk assessment, Operational forecasting.

Submit your abstract via the Royal Meteorological Society
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